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Information Security Policy

We recognize safe information management as an important corporate responsibility, and the protection of information assets is one of our highest priorities in the conduct of our business. In order to reliably implement information security measures, we have formulated our Basic Policy on Information Security, as presented below, and we require compliance by all persons involved in information handling.

  • Hashimoto Shokai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "we" or "our") will implement the best information security management measures available to protect information assets from all types of threats, and to ensure the confidentiality, completeness, and usability of information.
  • All persons involved in the handling of information assets in the course of our operations must recognize the importance of information security, and must act in strict compliance with this Basic Policy on Information Security.
  • We are committed to strict compliance with all relevant legislation and industry standards concerning information asset protection.
  • We are committed to providing education and training with regard to information security.
  • We will implement the best mechanisms available to prevent the improper access, leakage, tampering, loss, destruction, obstruction or other compromise of information assets. We are also committed to the continuous improvement of our information security measures to as to respond appropriately to new threats.
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