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Message from the President

Hirofumi Hashimoto President

Yuzo Hashimoto, a former soldier who had served in the Nakatsu Domain during the Meiji Restoration, founded Nakatsuya Hashimoto Shoten in Nagasaki in 1872. At that time, Nagasaki was one of the few places where international trade was permitted during the Sakoku period. Presently, the company is known as Hashimoto Shokai.

Under the tutelage of renowned Scottish entrepreneur Thomas Glover, Hashimoto studied marine salvage techniques. After salvaging a large sunken ship in Nagasaki Bay, he began to import and sell various types of iron and steel.

Throughout our 140-year history, our company has always strived to meet the unique demands of our time, transforming and diversifying business accordingly. In the aftermath of World War II, Hashimoto, then known as Tetsu no Hashimoto -literally meaning "Iron Hashimoto"- played a critical role in restoring and revitalizing Nagasaki in the wake of the atomic bomb.

Over a decade ago, our company laid out a new set of principles as a technology and information trading company. In addition to developing our original technologies and information collecting abilities, we decided to rededicate ourselves towards making positive societal contributions as our predecessors had. By striving to respond to the world's needs in a timely fashion, we feel we are on our way towards meeting our stated goals.

Hashimoto Shokai continues to work for the benefit of Nagasaki and Japanese society, and very much looks forward to working with the community in mind in our future endeavors.

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