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Environmental Efforts

At Hashimoto Shokai Co., Ltd., environmental responsibility is of great importance. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities and to protect the global environment.

We uphold 5 principles according to ISO International Standards.

Environmental Policies

1. Continuous Efforts to Improve the Environment and Prevent Environmental Contamination

We pledge to minimize and prevent contamination that may arise during the course of our business activities. At all times, we strive to improve the conditions of the environment. Our efforts include focusing on the proper disposal, treatment and recycling of waste.

2.Promotion of Energy and Resource Conservation

By raising the environmental awareness among our staff, we are making company-wide efforts to conserve energy and resources.

We pledge to promote products and services that impact the environment improvement in a positive way.

3.Legal Compliance

We are committed to strictly complying to any and all legislative requirements concerning the environment. We will always make concerted efforts to enhance and protect the environment. To this end, our company initiates a constant cycle of goal setting, implementation and review in matters concerning the protection of the environment.

4. Areas Targeted for Improvement

Based on the environmental policies we have set, we will implement specific activities centered on the following five aims:

  1. Advancing the popularization of environmentally progressive products and services
  2. Reduction of energy consumption
  3. Conservation of resources
  4. Promotion of resource reduction, re-use and recycling
  5. Reduction of waste and appropriate disposal

5. Policy Disclosure

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that all of our staff are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of our Environmental Policy. It also our standard practice to make our Environmental Policy readily available to transaction partners and other interested parties upon request.

ISO Certified
ISO Certified

Hirofumi Hashimoto, President
Hashimoto Shokai Co., Ltd.
June 1, 2007

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