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Personal Information Protection Policy

We recognize the importance of personal information protection in the context of an advanced information-communications society. We are aware that strict compliance with all relevant legislation concerning personal information protection and the proper handling of personal information are not only a social responsibility of enterprise, but also a criterion by which companies are selected and evaluated by their customers. Accordingly, we are committed to the protection of personal information based on our Policy as presented below.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

Hashimoto Shokai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "we" or "our") will acquire personal information only by legal and fair methods.

2.Utilization of Personal Information

We will utilize personal information only within the parameters of use specified at the time of acquisition, and only for operational or business requirements.

Furthermore, when personal information is to be shared with or the handling thereof is to be consigned to third parties, such third parties are to be subject to thorough investigation, and shall be appropriately monitored for the preservation of confidentiality.

3.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except as specified by law, we will not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the person(s) to whom such information pertains.

4.Administration of Personal Information

We will preserve the accuracy of personal information, and will administer in a safe and secure manner.

In order to prevent the loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of personal information, we will implement the best information security measures available to prevent unauthorized access, computer virus infiltration, etc.

We will strive to prevent leakage due to removal of information from our premises, external transmission, etc.

5.Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, and Elimination of Personal Information

We recognize that the persons to whom personal information pertains have the right to request the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, elimination (erasure), etc. of such information, and, upon receipt of such requests, we will respond in a timely manner and in compliance with relevant legislation and designated procedures.

We will maintain an organizational point of contact for personal information handling and requests, charged with responding to queries, consultation, and claims relating to personal information.

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