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Specialty Machinery Sales Department

Electrical equipment

Power receiving and transforming facilities Special high voltage substation facilities, high and low voltage distribution panels, distribution equipment (high and low voltage)
Power generation facilities Regular and emergency power generation facilities (proposal, construction, maintenance)
Lighting systems Lighting equipment (facilities, interior, outdoor, LED), lighting control, stage lighting system
Central monitoring and control systems Central monitoring facility, security equipment (surveillance camera, access management system)
Communications and information equipment Telephone, nurse call systems, projectors, interphone equipment, equipment clocks
Video and audio facilities Large screen system, wireless audio equipment, digital signage (system proposal)
Stationary Power Supply Equipment Direct current power supplies, uninterruptable power supplies

Air conditioning facilities

Air controller Air conditioning control equipment
Air conditioning system Ventilators, heat exchangers, air conditioners, cooling towers, cold/warm water generators
Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Pumps, tanks (SUS, FRP)

Environmental and energy-saving equipment

Environmental and energy-saving Industrial solar systems (from proposal to construction), solar lamp, energy saving equipment

Construction equipment

Lift equipment Elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters
Parking systems Vertical parking equipment, self-moving parking equipment
Logistics storage equipment Moveable storage shelves

Factory automation and industrial equipment

FA and industrial equipment Programmable logic controllers (PLC), inverter, motor

Materials for civil engineering and construction

Roadway materials Guardrail, steel walkway plates, guard pipes, gratings, walkway designation equipment, bridge components, concrete secondary products, net fencing, wind guards, noise barriers
Marine and river construction materials Fender materials, anti-contamination film, gangways, tie rods, pylons, curing sheets, anti-swelling solutions, gear stoppers, environmental protection blocks, erosion control sheets, cart matt
Steel materials Stainless steel, bolt, nut, steel plate, wire rope, general steel, welded wire mesh, special steel processed products
General civil construction materials Anti-rock fall guards, PVC pipe, drainage pipe, rock nets, civil construction sheeting, liner plates, polyethylene pipe, hume concrete pipes, slope planting material (multifunctional filter), cast-iron pipes, curing materials, concrete piles, sealing plate
Tunnel Materials Blast furnace concrete (type B), rock bolts, accelerating agents, water repellent sheets
Beautification Materials Dust reducing agents, dry mortar, shelters, signboards, pergolas, benches, tree protection lid, interlocking paving materials, wooden bridge materials, monuments, pergola, water fountains

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