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Fukuoka Branch

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Electrical equipment

Special high voltage service and transformer equipment  
Generating equipment (ordinary/emergency)  
Central monitoring systems  
Electrical distribution control equipment (high/low voltage)  
Video and audio facilities  
Security equipment(Surveillance camera, Access management system)  
High and low voltage distribution panels  
Lighting equipment, Lighting Control, Stage lighting system  
Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)  
DC Power supplies  

Air conditioning equipment

Air conditioning control equipment  
Ventilation fans and heat exchangers  
Cooling towers  
Cold/Warm water generators  
Tanks (SUS,FRP)  
Air conditioning system (fan coil units, fan convectors)  
Floor heating and A/C equipment  

Construction equipment

Lift equipment Elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, stair lifts
Parking systems Vertical parking equipment, self-moving parking equipment

Environmental and energy saving equipment

Solar power system  
Solar lamp  
Energy saving equipment  

Factory automation and industrial equipment

Programmable logic controller(PLC) and indicators  
Power and drive equipment Inverters, motors, servos
Industrial robots  

Materials for civil engineering and construction

Fixtures Sashes, shutters, top lights
Distribution and Storage Equipment (for Libraries, Museums, Hospitals, and Offices) Moveable storage shelves
General civil construction materials Anti-rock fall guards, PVC pipes, rock nets, drainage pipes, colgate pipes, polyethylene pipes, u-shaped preformed concrete sections, civil construction sheetings, liner plates, retainers, rubber spacers, greenery anchors, hume pipes, galvanized pipes, manholes, aggregate materials, concrete piles, flow retainer plates

Playground equipment and beautification materials

Beautification Materials Shelters, signboards, pergolas, benches, arbors, tree protectors, observation decks and towers, interlocking paving materials, wooden bridge materials, monuments, tree fencing, water fountains
Playground Equipment (Steel and Wood) Slides, climbing poles, swings, jungle gyms, monkey bars, comprehensive playground sets, athletic course stations, spring-mounted play equipment

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