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Electrical Machinery Sales Department

Rotary Machinery

Rotary Equipment Standard single-phase motors, standard three-phase motors, special three-phase motors, geared motors
Industrial Fans Standard industrial fans, power fans, standard pressure ventilation fans, special fans, air curtains, climate control ventilators, smoke removers

Electrical Distribution Control Equipment

Low Voltage Distribution Control Equipment Low-voltage breakers, low-voltage controllers, measurement devices
High Voltage Equipment High-voltage breakers, system relays
Power Supply Equipment Transformers, phase advance condensers, reactors, power fuses

Factory Automation (FA) Controllers

Sequencers General use sequencers
Indicators Indicators

Power and Drive Equipment

Inverters General use inverters, drive controllers
AC Servos Servo amps, amps, servo system controllers

Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment for Cranes Crane motors, crane control panels, hoists
Special High Voltage Service Transformers  
Generating Equipment(Normal use, emergency use, CGS)  
Central Monitoring Equipment  
Distribution Equipment(High voltage, low voltage)  
Lighting and Lighting Control  
Energy Saving Equipment  
FA Equipment  

Production Equipment and Systems

Welding Equipment Welding machines, welding torches
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Valves, flanges, pumps, instrumentation valves
Loading and Handling Equipment Hoists

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